Posted by: ashburnreviews | November 4, 2009

Bobbing for Liquor

My husband and I had a wonderfully fun Halloween game idea that I thought I would share with you. Are you ready for it? Bobbing for Liquor. As an alternative title, we have also been calling the activity Bobbing for Booze.

This game is just like the old fashioned game of bobbing for apples, except instead of using apples, you use small liquor bottles.

For this last Halloween, we had some friends over and tried out this fabulous idea, and I’m happy to report it went rather well.

We filled a Beverage Tub (ours came from Target) with water and placed 12 mini liquor bottles in it – the kind that you get on an airplane. Most floated (we went with plastic liquor bottles) but some sunk. We got bottles of every kind of liquor. Most costing about $2 a bottle. We placed the tub on our kitchen table with towels under it and beside it (for people to wipe their faces). Every guest tried it and some went back for seconds (and thirds).

One guest recommended that you had to drink the bottle that you got, and everyone followed suit with that. I had shot glasses and ice available that people used with their mini bottles to drink them. Most people drank their drinks straight or on the rocks without adding any additional mixers (like Coke or Orange Juice). But I got Southern Comfort (bleh) and have trying a couple mini baby sips, I had to mix it with Coke. Southern Comfort and Coke wasn’t bad.

The bobbing game was such a hit, that friends who attended our gathering were going to Bob for Liquor at a gathering that they were going to the next night. As for my husband and I, for the next Halloween we will surely repeat it.

At the gathering, we thought of some variations for the next time we try bobbing.
417BOrX1OQL._AA260_– We could Bob in beer, instead of water.
– For New Years, we could bob for mini champagne bottles. Do they have those?
– Instead of just having 12 bottles, we would completely fill the tub with bottles. How about 50 or 100 instead of 12?
– We could add some more expensive mini bottles of liquor.
– We could add more non-floaters – most likely these would be glass bottles. If they were of high quality (like a $7 glass bottle of Patron) maybe there would be some action for people diving for it.
– Someone suggested bobbing in eggnog for Christmas… but ewww.

As a side note, we had one younger guest (who is just three years old) over and for her in a separate tub we set up apples so that she could also bob for apples. Bobbing for apples was also a big hit. Why don’t kids do this any more? I don’t know if she was getting the apples honestly every time, but our little apple bobber want for the apples again and again. A three year old with an apple in her mouth is just so gosh darn cute.


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