Posted by: ashburnreviews | September 29, 2009


So here is what I’m working with for the fireplace.


I think I want a white painted fireplace mantel/surround with some type of tile – maybe not as artist as the one I mentioned in the last blog entry.

I like this picture a lot, for the wood and the tile.


(Photo Source: This Old House)

I found it on the This Old House web site.

There are just SO MANY options.

I don’t want the mantel to be marble, brick, stone or stained wood.

As far as wood patterns go….


I don’t like dentil or egg-and-dart molding.


I’m not crazy about coin or fluted either.


Rope would be okay but not my first choice.

(Photos Source: Inviting Home)

I want a fairly substantial shelf. I don’t like mantels which are just white trim – that look is just too modern and boring for me.

justtrimSorry, I didn’t document where I found the above photo. I’m sure in some houses that trim fits right in but for me I just wouldn’t like it.

513MSNKFq2L._SL500_AA240_ I think what appeals to me are paneled designs. For example, I really like what is shown on this book cover, Constructing a Fireplace Mantel: Step-by-Step from Plywood And Stock Moldings (Schiffer Book for Woodworkers) (Paperback)
by Steve Penberthy. If it was painted white, I would think we have something. I would like to see a full photo of this mantel. Maybe I should buy this book?

(Book Photo Source: Amazon)

Of course, like the bookshelves, the windows may cause an issue.  I cannot tell you how many times that I have cursed the builder out the the windows aren’t evenly spaced on the wall AND the fireplace isn’t centered between the windows. A mantel may make the problem look worse. I don’t know.


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