About Me

I’m Holly. I am married. We have 2 pets, a dog Daisy, and a cat Peanut. We live in northern VA. By trade, I am a technical writer / designer and my husband is an electrician.

I run a web site called the Dog Hause that promotes the importance of spaying and neutering your pet. From that site, I sell fun playful animal related merchandise. Take a look at the store.

My husband and I love to travel. To the beach mostly. We were married in Key West so that is one of our favorite spots. They are so laid back there. The sunsets are so beautiful as well. Before I met my husband, I traveled to Cancun a couple times, so I am also hooked on that area. Give me a tropical drink and a good book and set me on the beach in front of the Westin in Cancun, and I could be happy for months.

(Special thanks to Haris Ferizovic via Smashing Magazine who took the photo of Beach towels that the header of this blog was cropped from.)

Comments are allowed on the Daisy Joe Web Site. However, your comments will be held for approval. I might not publish your comments, or I might delete your published comments.


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