Posted by: ashburnreviews | September 9, 2009


I have been starting to think that for the built-in bookcases, we may just need to built them from scratch. Trying to find some premade cases that will work with our space is proving difficult.

I may be best if i just map out what exactly I want (if there were no limits) and them from there we can start pricing out our options (rather than finding something premade that will fit into our space).

thumb_P2090063_0090_001One idea is to incorporate base cabinets in the bookcases like shown in this photo. I’m not sure if we have room for cabinets for the whole row but some hidden storage may be useful.

Except for the sawtooth motif at the top of the mantel shown in the picture, I also like the mantel shown in this photo. It is simple.

Of course the biggestest issue with the space we have to put the bookcases is the space on the right side where the window is. There is only 8 inches (or is it 9?) over there. I am sure you have heard me rant about that before. The most obvious solution I think is to have narrow shelves on that side (and the other to match) with deeper shelves in the middle. I like the look of consistent shelving. These bookcases are nice too.


As another option, I am also thinking that on the bookcase side near the window, we could stop that bookcase short of the window and  we would put a corner shelf, like what is in this photo.

thumb_CIMG0455Of course ours would be painted white or be a pretty maple color – not that awful dirty brown color in this photo.

(Photos Source: thebestcabinets and plansnow)


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