Posted by: ashburnreviews | August 19, 2009


Now that the shop is almost complete, time to move on to the next big home improvement project. Bookshelves. Perpendicular to the shop is a 188″ long x 96″ height wall that is in dire need of some built-ins. Ideally these built-ins would go from floor to ceiling and would include some sort of small desk area for my husband’s computer.

The slight complication to this is that the wall areas to the left and right of the 188″ wall aren’t very big. On the side of the shop, the wall is 12″. On the other side, it is 8″. That is it and then it buds against a window.


So what to do? Well the first thought we had (and I don’t know if it is the final or right one) was to put six 30″ bookcases along the wall.

And to have the 4 in the middle be 12″ or 14″ deep while the 2 on each end are 8″ deep.


But then today, in looking online, I came across. a furniture company in the UK called Wharfside. And on their web site I found a unit that I love.


(cropped photo via Wharfside)

Although I don’t know the dimensions of these beautiful pieces, I like the look and the idea. The like having the look broken up somewhat by instead of just having shelves, having drawers and cabinets too.

I’ve emailed the company and have asked for costs and if that even sell in the United States.

So many decisions… I just want to get something wonderful and useful.


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