Posted by: ashburnreviews | August 18, 2009

Some New iPhone Aps

Just a day over a month ago, I posted a list of the iPhone Applications that I have with short descriptions. Here are the updates to that list.

grocery I replaced, the shopping application Bread & Milk with one called Grocery IQ. The nice thing about Grocery IQ is that instead of just typing in items that I need to buy, I can type in bar codes and it will give me the exact item that I am looking for. I can then save any of the items I search for to my favorites list and from that list (and just a regular search) pick the items that I want to buy. Also by grocery store, I can sort the order of the store aisles and save that order so that my grocery list shows up in the right order. After one good shopping trip with it, I’m happy to say this is a nice upgrade to the old shopping list.

bumpBump is an application that allows me to share photos and contact information with other iPhone users. At this time, the only one that I have used this application with is my husband with his new iPhone. both parties need to have bump installed. Once running, both users bump their hands together. From there you have opened a connection and you can send files back and forth too each other. It is such a neat idea and seems to work rather well for what it does. You may have seen this application on TV as it is one of the ones they feature for the iPhone.

pigsPass the Pigs is a drinking/gambling game that I have played with friends. If you have never seen this game played the explanation of it will sound very odd to you. But basically you take these small plastic pigs and roll them and based on the way the pigs land, you get a different number of points. On a whim the other day I bought the iPhone version of this game. I’m happy to say, it is rather fun. Although, I’m not sure that it is anything but random.

10pin 10 Pin Shuffle is a way fun game that I’m so glad I downloaded. With it, I can play Shuffleboard or Shuffle Bowling. In addition to the great graphics, this game’s best feature is like Scrabble, I can play it against my husband over wi-fi. You know about a year ago I had a another Shuffleboard game that I played on the iPhone, but this one is way better I think. The graphics are just so beautiful. I also really like the shuffleboard bowling part. I never really understood how you score bowling until I played this game. Now I kind of get it.

puzzleSort of like bejeweled, Puzzlings is a game where you match up similar items in rows of 3 to remove them. There are also some twists to this game – so it gets harder – and an interesting back story where winning puzzles helps you win prizes to customize and decorate your player. I think this game is interesting, fun and cute.

I deleted Tangram Pro. I just wasn’t using it anymore.

crazyCrazy Machine is a game that my husband likes. I cannot get into it. The object is to build Rube Goldberg like machines that transport balls different places. For now it has just been a bit annoying to me. But since my husband has an iPhone now and through the miracle of modern technology we can share applications, he has this game too and he seems to really enjoy it.

paraPara Panic Lite is a fun and cartoony (i.e. stick figures on notebook paper) parachuting game, where you need to help little sky-diving stick figure men land safely on boats by controlling the wind and opening the parachutes on the falling men. There is a paid version of this game as well. I haven’t played the free version of this game enough to know if buying the other would be worth my while.

solitareSolitaire City Lite is a game like Solitaire Klondike but it is called Spiderette. It is an interesting game. The graphics are nice. It is made by the same people (Digital Smoke) who make the 10 Pin Shuffleboard game. I have enjoyed playing it.

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