Posted by: ashburnreviews | August 9, 2009

Sidewalk Tomato Plant

We were out to dinner this evening and came upon an unusual sight. A tomato plant was growing out of the sidewalk in front of the resturant! At first we thought that some one was throwing out the plant or that there was a pot somewhere that we were missing. But no – on closer inspection there it was just poking out of the sidewalk. And man…. was it ever healthy. The leaves were a beautiful rich green color and the plant was loaded with green tomatoes. I felt a little jealous of this plant.

My husband and I have lots of questions. Did someone intentionally plant it there? If so, how? How do you get one little seed to grow in the sidewalk?

Did it just grow from some one’s fallen tomato from the local sub shop?

Or did it grow from the leavings of a nearby – now gone – tomato plant?

Is some one mending the plant? Trimming it, watering it… taking the tomatoes home? There weren’t any red ones. Just lots of green ones in all differnt sizes.

And why does this Charlie Brown tomato plant look so healthy? What is this sidewalk plant getting that my plants are lacking? More sun? Less water? Better roots?

Here is a close up photo where you can see the root coming out of the sidewalk!

Here is a cropped photo of the root from the bottom right of the above photo.



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