Posted by: ashburnreviews | August 7, 2009

When Good iPhones Go Bad

As you know, my husband’s iPhone (formally my iPhone) had a cracked screen on it and we ordered a repair kit online to try and attempt to fix the glass.

What came in the repair kit was one new screen with digitizer attached and some stickers to hold everything together.

Although the repair process seemed to start off well, ultimately the repair was a pretty awful failure.

Here is a picture after he opened up the phone.

Somewhere in the process of opening up the screen, my husband damaged the insides of the iPhone, there by adding colorful vertical lines, random crooked curvy lines, little gray specs and bigger gray spots to the viewing surface.

The following picture makes it look a bit worse then it was. I think it was because the light in the room was low when I took it. The horizontal lines weren’t there – they are in the photo only. The low-contrast of the screen was just about as bad as it looks here.

It was heartbreaking for both of us.

After doing some research online, I realized that he had probably done some damage to the LCD screen (at least) while he was in there).

So I convinced my husband to open the phone back up so that I could try and wipe down the LCD. At this point – it was already ruined – so I figured what the heck. But after that process – after putting it all back together, it was even worse then it was before.

More lines and bigger spots. *Sigh* This picture was taken the next morning so the light was a lot better – so the horizontal lines aren’t showing up in the photo.  The contrast hadn’t improved as much as it looks like it this picture – although it was some what better. Basically the whole left half of the iPhone was covered in vertical lines, a random while triangular valley image and  spots.  And there was a medium size blob/spot on the top right corner of the screen too. It wasn’t pretty. It is still upsetting to see this.

There is a silver lining to this – sort of. We decided to cut our losses and just get my husband a new phone. We picked up the new phone Tuesday evening and yesterday I hooked him up with all my applications. It turns out if multiple iPhones share the same iTunes account, they can share the same applications. I read somewhere online that this works for up 5 iPhones. So that was nice to find out.

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