Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 30, 2009

Tomato Update

crop Unlike my cucumber plant, my Tomato plants have been growing very tasty tomatoes. I wish that the leaves looked as good as the tomatoes tasted.

Here is a picture from a few days back. Can you see all the dead leaves in the center? And both plants have dead leaves on them.

Also… the color of all the leaves in general aren’t that deep green color that I would expect.

I’m not sure what is causing the leaves to look so tired. Could it be poor nutrition?

I’m guessing that it has something to do with the Topsy Turvy planters that I am using to grow them – but since I’m not that experienced in growing tomatoes – this is only a guess. What I think is happening is that my tomatoes are being over-watered (by me not by nature) and the excess water is dripping on the plant causing the leaves to brown or yellow.

I cannot say for certain that is what is going on of course…

So today as I was looking over my plants, I decided to just go ahead and remove the brown leaves from the tomato plants. I’m happy to say that they look at look better. Here are photos of what the plants look like now.


Even the color of the remaining leaves look some what better, don’t you think?

By the way, for the photo on the left, the bright red you see in the picture is my
Crepe Myrtle tree which is growing in the back yard. I just love the color of the flowers.

The shed that you see in that photo is my neighbors. If you look closely you can see the fence line cutting horizontally across the photo.

It is a little harder to distinguish what is what in the photo on the right I know. There is a lot of green there. The tomato plant, the leaves from the river birch near it and the green ground cover all blend into each other.

One interesting thing to note is (and you can see it better in the photo to the right – to the right of the planter) is that the tomato plants want to grow up the sides of the Topsy Turvey planters. I think they are looking for sun.

I have been so pleased with the tomatoes from the plants, I think next year I will plant more tomatoes. Maybe I’ll grow some in the Topsy Turvy planters and others in regular pots and see the difference. I believe with a good washing, I should be able to reuse the Topsy Turvy planters


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