Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 29, 2009

Magic Rocks III of III

The next morning, a foggy bottom layer had appeared on the bottom of the aquarium. Tuesday 10:24 AM

When I poured out the liquid, that gross layer climbed up the side of the container. Tuesday 10:25 AM

Which was actually the least of my problems because when I poured the liquid back in it was filled with pink jelly cotton candy puffs. Tuesday 10:26 AM

Ewwww. A minute later, things settled some but it still looked pretty bad. Tuesday 10:27 AM

So then I tried to pour it out again and back in and stop when the majority of the floating puffs were coming into the aquarium. Tuesday 10:32 AM

I figured maybe I would go ahead and put in the 2nd batch of rocks thinking optomistically that maybe everything would work itself out. Tuesday 10:33 AM
That is what the orange specs are in this photo.

Eight minutes elapsed and even though the new crystals grew some, I think that the tank just got grosser. At this time, I also tried pushing down the stuff that had crawled up the corner of the tank when I initially poured it out. Tuesday 10:41 AM

Four hours and twenty minutes later…. this is what the aquarium looked liked. More time helped I guess but eww what a mess. Tuesday 4:01 PM

I’m not sure what I did wrong. Maybe the temperature of the water wasn’t good to start off with. Maybe I waited too long to pour out the liquid and start the 2nd batch. Maybe I should have strained the 2nd batch. Maybe I had a faulty Magic Rocks kit? I don’t know.

Knowing that my heart probably cannot get broken anymore, maybe I should try sea monkeys now.


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