Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 29, 2009

Magic Rocks II of III

On a kick, my husband and I bought a kit of Magic Rocks for us (as well as a couple other kits for presents – present receivers aren’t you lucky?).


I wish I could say that the end result was magical and wonderful or that it looked anything like the picture on the box. Sadly it was a pretty bad failure.

It all started out okay. The directions said to split the provided rocks in 2 and to put them in the aquarium in 2 batches. So we started Monday night with batch one, figuring that I would finish up with batch two in the morning.

The directions went something like this…. (Obviously if you get your own magic rocks you should follow the directions on the package you get. For one we are dealing with chemicals here and also my end result is so bad, you shouldn’t use me as an example.)

Mix the provided liquid (from packet) with 2 cups of 70-degree water in a glass container. The provided liquid was liquid sodium silicate.

Place rocks in aquarium and pour mixed solution over them.

Wait 6 hours, pour out the solution and pour it back in.

Wait another 6 hours, pour out the solution, put in warm tap water.

Hoping to document something great, here are my photos from the whole project.

Monday 9:22 PM

A couple minutes later. Monday 9:24 PM

Eighteen minutes more. Monday 9:42 PM

Twenty eight minutes more. Monday 10:10 PM

And then because we are old fuddy-duddies, we went to bed figuring that I would finish this science project in the morning.


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