Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 29, 2009

iPhone Glass Repair

Okay, I lied, one more quick entry for the day.

As you know, the glass on my old iPhone is broken. (See sad picture of the broken glass here.)

Even though the old iPhone no longer has 3G service, and it still indeed had broken glass, I’m sure that you also know that my husband has taken to using my old iPhone anyhow. At first he started using it and carrying it around as a joke (to make fun of me I imagine) but now he likes it and it has become a part of him. With the old iPhone he can do just about everything I can with my iPhone. Particularly at home where we have a wireless internet connection that he can jump on.

And then of course, one of our geeky favorite past times with the iPhones is going to some place with a Wi-Fi connection that we can jump on and playing Scrabble against each other over this connection.

So now that we know the old iPhone is going to stay in our lives, we discussed our options.

(1) My husband could do nothing and continue to use the broken screen phone.
(2) We could order a glass repair kit online and my husband can try and fix the phone.
(3) We can have some one else fix the phone. Depending on who this some one else would be, the cost of some one else doing it ranges from $99 to $250.
(4) We could get my husband a new iPhone – now that they (a comparable iPhone) are at the $99 with a service contract.

As my husband is handy, and likes to fix things, we decided to go with the 2nd option of finding a kit online to repair the phone and having him repair it himself.

I searched Google and came across a few different links to Mission Repair from both multiple blog sites and also directly from Google.

We liked the repair kit that they had to offer because it included the Adhesive Kit to stick the new glass on the phone. From what I could tell about the other kits online, they didn’t come with adhesive.

The cost of the Mission Repair kit was $59. With shipping the total came to $68.28.

I just bought this online today. We are due to get the repair kit shortly. I’ll keep you posted on the repair.


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