Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 22, 2009

iPhone Applications IV of IV

Just a few more applications to talk about.


If you cannot find something on the iPhone, it is probably under settings. With this application – that comes with the iPhone – I can put the phone in airplane mode (so that I can use it on the airplane), look for wireless networks (or not, change sound settings, display settings, wallpaper, etc.. I can also set up mail accounts, check out my usage, set my password lock time, and much more.

When I find a song that I want to buy, I use the iTunes Application to buy it. I was also able to buy my last 3 audio books from iTunes.

App Store
My biggest weakness with the iPhone is the App Store on the iPhone. I spend way to much time each evening looking through what application are new, hot, features, etc. on the App Store. This is where I download all my new applications from (and also updates to the existing applications). It is way to easy to spend money on here.

I bought this application so that I could see how much battery life that I have used up in percentage and approximately how much time left I have to use my iPhone before the battery runs out for the day. After owning this application for 10 minutes, I was reading the comments about it on the App Store and I saw that the new version of the iPhone software allows me to display the percentage left of the battery on the menu screens next to the battery icon. See the battery icon in the top right and next to it 87%. I have 87% of my battery left. To turn on this additional feature is probably all I really needed. Ah well… you live and you learn. I have found that my Scrabble game is probably the biggest battery hog of anything I have. I wish there was a feature with myBattery where I could see how many Scabble hours I have left.

Do You know what time it is? I do because I have this application.

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