Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 22, 2009

iPhone Applications III of IV

iPhone Applications Continued


Tangram Pro
This is a game I have had for a bit. I don’t often play it. Arrange the shapes to fit into the larger shapes.

Pocket God
I’m not sure if this application can be classified as a game or just a source of entertainment. This “game” allows you to control island people that are walking around one of two islands. You can add more people. Feed them to sharks. Let them fish. Change the weather. Make it night or day and a large assortment of other things. The creator of this program continues gives away updates allowing you to do more things with these people. It is interesting. I haven’t decided if it is fun or not.

Koi Pond
I believe that Koi Pond was the first application that I ever bought for the iPhone. At just 99 cents, it has brought me a lot of joy. This relaxing application is like Pocket God in that it isn’t really a game – it is more of an entertainment. Trail your finger through water. Feed the Koi fish. Watch them nibbled at your finger. Change the color of the water or the amount of fish or lilly pads.

Spin Art
A recent random addition to my applications, Spin Art is just like it sounds. An application that mimics those spin are booths at fairs. I get dizzy playing with this one but I tend to like the results. It is fun to play with the colors. And I have found it is best to work outside the circle in. (Edit 07/29/09: See examples here.)

My first art application for the iPhone. This one is particularly useful for taking photos from my photo library and marking on them. I used this application when I was trying to plan out built-in bookshelves for my living room.

For fine art, this application would be hard to beat. This is a well thought out art application that allows me to draw very nicely. Lots of brush and color options. A must for any tech-ie artist out there.

Translate from nearly any language to nearly any language. This one has actually come in pretty handy. It need an internet connect though to work.

Write now
This application is sort of like a drawing program but it is organized more as an application to hand write notes in. I like this one although I have just gotten it so I cannot swear to its long term practicality.

I just got this application. When I listen to music on the iPod, I can open up Lyrical and see the lyrics of the song that I am listening to. This is a fun one and useful when I am singing at the top of my lungs and need to know the words.

This application comes with the iPhone. It is a link to viewing movies on YouTube. It is pretty cool.

This application comes with the iPhone. It is a link to the iPhone version of Google Maps.

This application comes with the iPhone. It keeps track of phone numbers and email addresses.

This application comes with the iPhone. I never look at it.

This application comes with the iPhone. It isn’t my favorite weather on the iPhone. I like the one from the Weather Channel (TWC).

This application comes with the iPhone 3g S. I haven’t found a use for it. My husband says it is slightly off. I have no strong opinion on it.

This application comes with the iPhone.


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