Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 17, 2009

Too Fat to Fish

toofatSo – see previous entry – I had a copy of

Too Fat to Fish
by Artie Lange

along with two other audio books on my iPhone and “no place” to listen to them. I don’t tend to be an audio book person. (Except for the short story of Benjamin Buttons, I think I have only listened to 2 audio books in the last 15 years.) But for the money I spent on these books – and because I was genuinely interested in Too Fat to Fish I thought I would give listening a go.

And I am so glad I did. What I well written memoir. Artie talks about his father, baseball, his “first time”, his drug additions, his successes, his failures. It is all just very well thought out and interesting to hear about. I particularly liked the story about his parents and Franki Valli, and also his story about Mr. October and the world series.

My only complaint with the audio book is while Artie starts to read/narrate the book, after chapter 6 he gives up and lets 3 other guys narrate the audio book. You know, I get it, he was sick of doing so, it is a theme in his life “giving up” yada yada – but darn I really enjoyed listening to him speak. These are Artie’s stories and they completely sounded better coming from him. Particularly with his intermittent cursing through out the stories. It just doesn’t sound right coming from any one else.

But putting that aside, I think that Too Fat to Fish is a memoir worth reading (or in my case listening to). It is without question pretty graphic but I think that is what makes it so real. Like Artie is your buddy and he is just sitting down to chat with you. It is good stuff.


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