Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 17, 2009

iPhone Applications I of IV

I was thinking that it has been sometime since I have talked about the iPhone applications that I currently use. So here is are screen shots of the application icons with some short descriptions of some of the applications. I thought it made the most sense to break this out into 4 entries.

The calendar comes with the iPhone. I use it for all events that I need to remember including birthdays.

Tap News
Tap News is a great news reader where I read news from many sources in an easy formated way. The new sources that I look at most with Tap News are AP and CNN. I believe that there are 18 choices though so I never get bored.

Before I downloaded Tap News, I download USA TODAY. This is a news ready for just USA TODAY. Sometimes I still look at my news with this application. I just like the way it functions.

For all my weather needs, I use TWC. This application tells me not only the current temperature where I am (or anywhere else) but it can also forecast hour by hour what the weather will be. Love it. A must have.

Camera and Photos
The camera and photos come with the iPhone. The camera now takes both photos and video. So far the video quality has been very good. The new camera (on the 3Gs phone which I now have) has a much nicer end picture quality then the last one. It still doesn’t top a good camera (I need a new one) but I have been rather happy with it.

Now Playing
I’ve had Now Playing for sometime. This fun application will show me what movies are playing at my local theaters. Not just times but also descriptions. My husband and I have used this a number of time when we are out and trying to decide if we want to go to a movie or not.

I love Shazam. Say a song is playing and you don’t know what it is! Run Shazam and “tag” the song. 99% of the time Shazam will tell you what song is playing and include links to buy the song on itunes. I use this all the time and I have found some great music this way.

Voice Memos
Voice memos is new with the 3Gs. Use the iPhone to record voice memos. I have played around with this some. I’m not sure if I need it.

Todo List
I bought this application what I needed something to make and keep track of a to-do list for me. Ultimately I am not sure it does what I need it to do. I would like to clearly mark when an item was put on the list and when I completed it. And then I would like to look at a specific date and it tell me everything that was completed then. Todo List doesn’t do this for me.

Notes is pretty basic but cool. It is a notepad that comes with the iPhone. Keep track of notes that you want to remember. I wish this one was password protected. I would feel more confident using it for information.

Bread & Milk
Bread and Milk is a great shopping list. I use it nearly every time that I go shopping.

This handy application lets me edit my Word Press blogs with my iPhone. It also lets me approve and trash comments on my blog from my iPhone. My only major complaints with this are (1) that if I use this application to add photos, I don’t really get any choice about how the photos are included on the entry. And (2) that I can never seem to mark the entry categories with the iPhone and have them stick to actually show on the blog. These two details though are pretty minor. I like this application a lot.

I use this application (that comes with the iPhone) to text my friends.

eReader and Kindle
Of course you have heard me say quite a bit about eReader and Kindle. They are my book readers for the iPhone. I buy almost all my ebooks for the iPhone for the Kindle application these days. The costs of the books tend to me much cheaper then the eReader versions. But as readers, I like both of these.

I use this to make phone calls and receive them with my iPhone. After all… it is a phone.

I am checking mail all the time with my iPhone. With this great application (that comes with the iPhone) I can check all my email accounts in one place (including Outlook email accounts).

This is the web browser of course. I always use it.

For all my music (and audio book) listening needs. Great.


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