Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 17, 2009

iPhone Applications II of IV

iphone2 My games are mostly all on this 2nd screen.

The one that I play all the time is Scrabble. I play it on my own against the computer and I also play it against my husband. I love it.

The average human only use 10% of their brain. This little helps you go through a series a tests and training that is supposed to encourage you to use more of your brain. I have played it a few times. I am liking it. I also like that I can put multiple profiles on this application – so my husband is going through a different line of training and tests then I am.

This game is totally like Zuma. If you like Zuma, you’ll like this game. Shoot color balls into strings filled with other colored balls. Try to create groupings of colored balls. Enough balls in a group removed the balls from the line. You are trying to remove the line completely. Fun. I had downloaded a different Zuma-clone a few months back and this one is much better.

Lock ‘n’ Roll
I was so addicted to this game when I got it. And then it stopped being fun. In between that – using different strategies – I got better at the game, then worse, then better again.

I bought this recently. I’m having trouble understanding its virtue. It is hard for me. Build machines with parts that all do specific jobs. It is kind of like building your own Rube Goldberg Machine for fun.

I played this a ton and then for some reason it just got too hard for me. Move cars around a tight area to get a car out of the parking lot.

Use mouse traps to block a mouse from going down holes. A cute puzzle game. fun to play when I’m bored.

I have had this one for awhile – it was one of the first purchases I made for my iPhone last year. I played it a bunch at first. Feed smaller critters to medium size ones and medium size ones to larger ones. But there are all sorts of other rules.

This one is fun. Blowing up bubbles to fill a screen before they get poped by moving around pokey things. Fun.

I don’t understand this game really. I have played it half a dozen times and I seem to do well at it but I don’t get it. Can anyone tell me what the point is.

I loved this game when I first got it – played it all the time. I haven’t looked at it recently. Draw shapes on the screen to get one shape from one spot to another.

Catapult penguins. Kind of fun.

I have had this one for a bit. Like the old Atari Pong game. I don’t play this a lot but I like it.

A new game that I downloaded that I haven’t quite gotten into. Push a smiley cube around a board. Get points. It may be cool – I just don’t get it.

This is a new game that I downloaded. It is interesting. I haven’t decided what I think of it yet. You basically build structures so that they reach the moon and can stay there for 3 seconds. So it is a game involving physics. It is light hearted. It is pretty.

I don’t get why this one is supposed to be fun. Like video poker with dice. It is an attractive game with pretty graphics. But I think boring.

To be continued…

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