Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 17, 2009

Audio Books on the iPhone

I just finished listening to the audio book Too Fat to Fish by Artie Lange. I had heard about this book, probably last year when Artie was promoting it, and was immediately hooked. This is just the kind of book I like. Autobiographical. True. honest. Real. Unfortunately, shortly after I had heard about this book, I had forgotten about it. Sometimes if I don’t write things down, I forget.

How I wound up listening to the audio book instead of reading it is an interesting story…

I was visiting a friend in California for a week (about a month ago). Just before going to California – at the airport actually – I downloaded an audio book application for my iPhone of Fitzgerald’s short story, Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I listened to it on the plane ride and really enjoyed it. (It was similar but different (i.e. sadder) from the movie that they eventually made from the story. I recommend it.)

I am not a good flyer so anything I can do to get my mind of flying is a blessing. This audio book was either 99 cents or free – I forget – but it was completely worth it and more and would have been even if it was $10.

So when I was at the airport again getting ready to come back to good old Virginia, I decided to find another audio book to buy to listen to on the plane. I sorted through a number of audio book applications and just couldn’t find anything to suite my needs.

And then at the last minute I remembered that iTunes sells audio books in addition to music. So about 20 minutes before it was time to board, I started to search through the iTunes Audio Books.

I found 3 that looked interesting – I like to have variety – so I downloaded all three. Now these ran about at least $20 a piece but I figured if I stayed happy and calm on the airplane, it would be worth it.

Unfortunately none of the 3 audio books were able to download to my iPhone by the time the plane took off. They were all too big! Ugh such a disappointment.

The next day, after I had already returned to home, the books downloaded.


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