Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 16, 2009

Slow Heat in Heaven

slowheatOne book that I completed “recently” is

Slow Heat in Heaven
by Sandra Brown

Slow Heat in Heaven was a romance novel that had a bit of an interesting plot involving Louisiana, Cajuns, Sisters and more. The story had some twist and turns that I found compelling to read about it.

I should note that I was not able to get this book for the iPhone. So I had to find a printed copy of it. Borders did not have it but on a whim I check out Books-a-Million too and they did have it. (I would also like to mention that some time after I got this book, my husband need a particular book for his work and the only book store that we were able to find that book at too was Books-a-Million.)

What I didn’t like about the book – what really spoiled it for me – was that when the woman main character was getting “seduced” by the male main character, and the woman was clearly verbally saying “No”, the male just kept pushing along anyhow and eventually the woman gave in. I am from the “NO MEANS NO” generation, so this was very offensive to me. When I woman says no, even if in her heart she means yes, then the man needs to back off. And if he keeps on going, then he is a real creep.

I discussed my issue with some friends who also read the book, and for the most part they disagreed with me. She really wanted it apparently. I think that maybe because they are a few years older then I am, they just missed the “NO MEANS NO” generation so they think that kind of forceful behavior is okay. Also we all agreed that since Slow Heat was written in 1988, that the attitude of what was appropriate behavior and what wasn’t may have been different 20 years ago.

But if you put that aggressive seducing aside, I think the book was entertaining and if you like romance books probably worth the read.

I’m told that Sandra Brown has written a lot of books and they are all “very different” so I’m not adverse to reading a more current Sandra Brown book to see if I like that one better.


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