Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 13, 2009

Teaching Art

I spent the last two weeks working at a local camp teaching art to children ages 6 to 10. As this was my 2nd experience teaching art to kids, I did not come completely unprepared. However the difference between teaching art to 10 kids one hour a week (after school) verses teaching art at a summer camp all day long to 41 kids was very different.

Teachers who do this sort of thing every day have completely earned my respect. It is not easy.

And although I walked away from this experience with some sweet and fond memories, I clearly learned that this isn’t the career for me. I know now – I’m sure now that want to go back to working in an office. I like managing projects and writing documentation. I am much better suited for it.

That being said, I wanted to share with you some of our more fun projects.

Group Project – Walking Through Paint

This is project that the kids created. I love the end result. This banner is about 25 feet long.


Wassily Kadinsky
Water Color Circles

Source: (except we used water colors instead of oil pastels)

I liked this project so much, that I created one of these today. Here it is.


Louise Nevelson
Popsicle Stick (and Other Materials) Sculpture

Source: Art Projects for Kids

Here are two that I created. One is painted and the other is not.


Mask Painting

Here is one that I painted.


Abstract Art Canvas
Source: John and Kate TLC TV Show

For this piece, I had kids paint with everything they could except a brush. We gather many painting materials on a nature walk. While the kids were painting, I place pieces of plastic wrap and wax paper on their canvases and told them to leave the plastic on as they painted.

Here is one that I created:


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