Posted by: ashburnreviews | July 3, 2009

The Old iPhone

I believe I mentioned to you in the entry before the last iPhone entry, that the old iPhone is acting just like it used to but without 3G or a phone connection. So what has become of it?

My husband has taken to the old iPhone and it has become his new toy. He looks things up on the internet on it and plays Scrabble and yesterday he even used the shopping list program. Oh he’ll become a techie yet. 🙂

I should also mention that scrabble has an option where you can play Scrabble on one iPhone against another player on another iPhone as long as you are both on the same Wi-Fi network. We have taken advantage of that feature a lot – mostly at home. But once at a local sandwich shop, we used their Wi-Fi. Very fun.

We’ll probably get him a screen kit so that he can fix the crack. I need to figure out where to get those. I think eBay. Yes I know that we could get him a new iPhone for $99 with a AT&T contract… but he likes fixing things and for now he really isn’t interested in the phone aspect of it. I just thought about getting him an iPod Touch then… but in looking on the Apple site, those are still at $229. So cracked screen kit it is.


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