Posted by: ashburnreviews | June 19, 2009

iPhone 3G s and the Apple Store

This morning I woke up early and made it to my local Apple Store at 7:30. There was already a long line as they had opened at 7:00 to start selling the new 3G s.

The line started as one long line and then was split into two lines, those who had reserved an iPhone and those who did not.

As I did not reserve an iPhone, I was in the longer line. Actually it was a shorter line but it was going much slower.

The Apple employees were letting in some small percentage of non-reserved Apple iPhone buyers in to a much greater number of reserved buyers in. I would say the ratio was probably at least 4 to 1 judging by the speeds of the lines.

I waited about an hour and didn’t seemed to have moved much at all. I took some pictures of the line then. For your viewing enjoyment…



At about that same time (the hour mark), I over heard a girl talking to a guy in line a couple people behind me in line. It turns out the AT&T store (in the same mall) had plenty of new iPhones and had NO LINE. I was debating the virtues of believing this, as I had already waited an hour and didn’t want to waste the wait, but the nice guy behind me in line suggested that if I check out the AT&T store, he would save my place in line just in case.

(The guy behind me couldn’t go to the AT&T store because he was returning an iPhone to the Apple Store that he got just under a month ago with hopes to instead replace the iPhone with the new model. Apparently as long as he was a new customer (less then 30 days) with a new iPhone with AT&T he could do that. He was on day 28… when the new phone came out today.)

I thanked the nice guy behind me and RAN to the AT&T store where indeed there the iPhone 3G s was available (in large numbers) and there was no line.

I bought my new phone and a new hard case (it’s green!) and was on my way from the AT&T store 10 minutes later.

I came right home, and I am now in the process of syncing up my old iPhone stuff with my new iPhone.

First I had to upgrade to the new iTunes (for any of this to work).

Then I went ahead and took the opportunity to clean up my music library and remove most of the duplicate songs.

It looks like all the pictures and applications and music will copy over just fine. I have checked what I need to do with the books yet.

The only applications that didn’t appear to make it are Newsstand and iReddit,. But that is okay, I haven’t used iReddit in a while anyhow and I can get a new copy of Newsstand if I need it.

I’m also happy to say that the old iPhone didn’t just die when the new one came along. The old iPhone appears to just be acting like an iPhone without a phone or internet connection. So the non-internet related applications still work great including the books and music and games. Of course with the broken screen, I don’t think I’ll be using the old iPhone ever – but it is nice to know that the possibility is there. Actually it might be good to use it for the music. I had a decent set of speakers for the iPhone (or iPod) but I cannot use them and use the iPhone at the same time. Maybe the old ones gets put with the speakers. Hmmm. I’ll have to see how that all works.


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