Posted by: ashburnreviews | June 16, 2009

There Are Tomatoes

tomato Photography – particularly with the iPhone and in low light conditions is a funny thing.

I was just outside looking up at one of my tomato plants and was very happy to see that yes indeed the plant has tomatoes.

I grabbed my iPhone to take a picture to share this great site and unfortunately, the photo just didn’t show how great it is.

The light above/behind the plant, turned the whole plant into shadows for my photo.

I did a bit of color correction in Photoshop and the photo included in this entry is the best I can show you.

For me, even in the shadows, the photo is still pretty cool.

See all those orbs in the middle… they’re tomatoes!

Too bad the other plant has no tomatoes yet. (Update June 17, 200: I should mention that the other plant had a (one) tomato but we chucked it away because the bugs had gotten to it. I hope it gets some new ones soon.)


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