Posted by: ashburnreviews | June 9, 2009

Transfer Purchases from iPhone

I figured out why iTunes didn’t have all the applications that my iPhone had.

The genius at the Apple store had told me to sync the device to make sure it was all copied over (including photos) but each time I had tried to do that it appeared that I would be deleting whatever was on my iPhone and replacing it with the selection of stuff on my iTunes.


I’m happy if they are the synced up. I think it is great to have a back up. Particularly now that I have plans to get the new iPhone (soon soon) and I’ll need to copy over all my stuff on to it, but I was concerned of losing what is on phone.

Looks like I was just looking in the wrong spot on iTunes.


Under the File Menu, I needed to click on the Transfer Purchases from “———‘s iPhone” option. Now I know. Hooray


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