Posted by: ashburnreviews | June 2, 2009

IPhone Apple Store Update

Sadly the Apple store wouldn’t resolve my cracked screen without cost.

Here are my options…

Get a new phone for $199 or $299. The $199 phone is identical to the one I have. With these purchases I would need to extend my AT&T contract 2 years.

The genius at the Apple store could fox my phone (in less then 15 minutes for the cost of $199). Yes blog readers, that is the same amount to buy a new one. Selecting this option would mean that I keep my current phone.

Just outside the Apple store there was an independent booth that repaired iPhone cracks for $90. This repair voids the warenty and the booth would need the phone until tomorrow morning. I am uncomfortable with this option as I have a lot of information on my iPhone. I would rather have Apple repair it. If I was going to get it repaired that is.

Of course the new iphone model may be coming out soon. Maybe this month or next. All rumors seem to be pointing to that. So I am still leaning towards waiting on getting the new model.

I asked a couple of the Apple store people about a new model and they were all hush hush. It seemed like they had canned responses to that line of questioning.

So I returned home with my broken iPhone in my hands.


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