Posted by: ashburnreviews | June 2, 2009

Early June Garden Update

I thought before I headed out today, I would give you the run down of the garden lately.

pillarI had decided to let the dill caterpillars eat the dill and the parsley. Who am I to say that their shouldn’t be more Black swallowtail butterflies in the world? And how often do I really eat dill anyhow? So I left the little buggers on there. They were eating with an appetite that I only have seen teenage boys match. In particular the dill. There are sticks left now of the dill. And like a proud mama I am proud to say that they were growing like weeds.

And then alas…. most of them disappeared on Sunday. I think sadly the birds ate them all. Because except for two of them, who I cannot even find today when I look for them, the caterpillar clan is no where to be found. no caterpillars. No cocoons. No nothing. I’m a bit sad about it.

sageThe sage has over taken the sugar snap peas. I don’t know why. The sage now looks incredibly healthy but I don’t expected many more sugar snap peas to come out.

The tomato plants are interesting to watch. It seems like each of the two plants have good sides and bad sides. I keep spinning them around in hopes that whatever is giving the good sides their good will rub off on the bad sides. Will see what happens.

tomatoes The most exciting tomato news though is that one of the plants, the one that had the brown spots before has some tomatoes on it. I having trouble taking a photo of the tomatoes for you because where I can see the little green globes best is from under the plant (in the back yard looking up) and the sun is making photos I take like that not easy to see the actual plant. Here is a photo I took of them. they look like little olives.

The peppers are doing nicely. One of the baby peppers fell of the other day but the others are coming in as expected.

Here is a photo that I took of the near bare dill plant. I like the photo because my toes
got in the photo. 🙂



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