Posted by: ashburnreviews | June 1, 2009

iPhone Glass Crack

On Saturday the glass screen on my iPhone broke. There is now a spiderweb crack spanning out from the top left side of the screen to the top right of the screen. It covers just under a third of the screen.

I am devastated.

The iPhone itself still functions but the crack is so ugly. And I worry too that it is fragile now too. I fear that the crack will get bigger.

Since Saturday, I have done some research online to see what others experiences are with the iPhone glass screens cracking. No matter how it happened, most people are as devastated as I am when it happens. If they use their iPhone as much as I do, how could they not be? In the year since I first got my iPhone it has become a big part of my life. I read books on it, and I read lots of news sources on it, and play games on it, and check email, and keep my calender, and text friends, and surf the web, and listen to music, and use the mapping system for directions, and check movie listings, and use the translator, and draw on it, and take photos, and update my blogs and even occasionally I make a call on it. It is such a part of my every day now.

And this crack – it is ugly. Just so ugly. I have probably mentioned to my poor husband no less the 25 times since it happened “my iPhone is still broke”. I think he is getting frustrated at me.

So the question is what now? How to I get an iPhone without a broken screen?

Based on what I have read online, it seems like less then a third of the people have had luck going to the nearest Apple store and begging them to replace the phone for free or at a low cost. This technique involves speaking to the right person (usually a manager not a genius) at the right time in the right store.

I have also read a few reports of people sending their iPhone back to Apple and in all those cases but one Apple refused to fix the issue without high cost.

Most people are told – by Apple or in the Apple Store – that it will cost them some amount (equal to or similar to a price of a new iPhone) for Apple to repair the screen. Or more accurately for Apple to trade your broken iPhone for another refurbished iPhone.

So what to do? I have found a few tutorials online for replacing your own screen with a glass one or a plastic one. This process looks like it will take some time and patience and about $25. But my real concern with this solution is that it doesn’t appear to be an easy task and it voids the warranty.

Some third party companies offer to repair the broken screen for a fee but like Apple the fee is pretty high. And like doing it yourself, this voids the warranty.

So I figure my plan of attack is to first go to the Apple store and ask what they can do for me. This is a project because the nearest Apple store is 45 minutes away but I think it is well worth it on the off chance they will replace the phone for me.

If they will replace the phone for free or a small fee great.

If not… then what to do?

Well the good news is that it is rumored that the new iPhone, the iPhone 4g, is coming out in July. I cannot swear to to accuracy of this rumor. But if it is true, which I’m guessing it is, then I need to be patient and wait until the new phone comes out and buy that instead of repairing this one or buying a new one of the same model.

The new model is supposed to have a number of new features including a better camera (hooray).

And actually even the new iPhone OS 3.0 is supposed to have some great new features including:

* Search your iPhone
* Cut, copy, and paste
* Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS*
* Read and compose email and text messages in landscape

So maybe the older models will be discounted when the new ones come out and I should just stick with one of those. Maybe.

It will be okay… I know. It is just a phone. I’ll survive.


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