Posted by: ashburnreviews | May 4, 2009

Male Pine Cones

photo2Speaking of gardening and poke-y up-y things, the most of the pine trees near my house have these weird bundles of what looked like mine pine cones on them. I don’t know enough about pine trees to tell you what these clusters are.

Hmm in looking at Wikipedia, it looks like this is another Male Female case. These little cones are male cone.

Pines are mostly monoecious, having the male and female cones on the same tree, though a few species are sub-dioecious with individuals predominantly, but not wholly, single-sex. The male cones are small, typically 1-5 cm long, and only present for a short period (usually in spring, though autumn in a few pines), falling as soon as they have shed their pollen. The female cones take 1.5-3 years (depending on species) to mature after pollination, with actual fertilization delayed one year.

Well there you are. I am learning something all the time.


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