Posted by: ashburnreviews | April 16, 2009

Sun Shine

Here is a great picture of the pets enjoying the sun shine this morning.


On a sunny day, they can spend the day like this – doing nothing but soaking up the rays.

Except this picture looks more peaceful then what really happens. Peanut doesn’t usually like to share his sunshine space. So when Daisy jumps up on the couch like that, Peanut hits her.

Then later Daisy will try and spook Peanut off the couch by jumping at him. And sometimes he’ll get off and sometimes he’ll win the battle by hissing or hitting her. He really is in control.

Ultimately both pets find the sun beams – because throughout the morning there are sunbeams on the floor too – and they both to stay in the sun beams for as long as possible – all day long. It is sweet. It is what brings them bliss.

It reminds me of my cat Maxwell, sadly deceased. Boy Max loved a good sun beam. He could lay in one and not move for hours. He would lay on his back. I miss Max. He was a good boy.


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