Posted by: ashburnreviews | April 14, 2009

WordPress on the iPhone

I am getting more comfortable writing (wring) on the iPhone keyboard. I can nearly type as fast as I think.

The problem is that I am a terrible (terriable) speller – always have been. Plus with the small keyboard I miss type a lot of letters so it makes my already bad spelling look worse.

The iPhone dynamically (dynamicly) checks spelling… but it only helps so far. It can only help if I am close to the word. And sometimes I butcher a word so badly it just ignores it.

I need a better spell check on WP (for the iPhone). Otherwise when I type an entry on the iPhone, I’ll always need to check it on the computer as well. Which kind of negates the point. (Although while I am wishing here – I would love LOVE an external keyboard to plug into the iPhone. I think it would really help typing.)

I have the same issue with the lack of spell-check with email on the iPhone.

As a child of the spell check generation, I miss having it on the iPhone.

The other funny (annoying) thing about WordPress for the iPhone is that it cannot get my current categories from the WordPress site. It has some – I think maybe it has the ones that I added on the iPhone WP application itself – but not the ones online – and not the ones that I renamed online either. That is another bit of touch up work that I need to do on the PC.


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