Posted by: ashburnreviews | April 14, 2009

Parking Lot vs. Blocked


I have had the game Blocked (pictured bottom right) on my iPhone for some time. My husband and I played it a few times.

Another game that is very similar that I downloaded recently is Parking Lot (pictured top right). My husband and I are hooked on this game.

The basic premise is the same for both games except that PL uses cars while Blocked uses blocks.

The rules… Some blocks/cars can only move horizontally. Other cars/blocks can only move vertically. Move those cars/blocks out of the way to take one block/car from the left side of the screen over to the right side of the screen.

Both games are simple puzzle games and both will keep you entertained. In my opinion though Parking Lot is the better game. I like the colors and the visuals of PL. I can better visualize what I have move out of the way already. Plus I am better at PL. I also like that PL keeps track of how many moves I make. That way I have a reason to play the same levels again to try and beat my score.

Not that I need to play levels over again because with PL there a ton of levels to pick from.

Both games are $ .99 in the Ap store, so neither will break the bank.

If you like puzzle games, try out Parking Lot or Blocked. You’ll like it.


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