Posted by: ashburnreviews | April 2, 2009

MyCuppa Mugs

The One Kettle reminds me of the MyCuppa Mugs which eventually I know that I’ll need to break down and buy.


MyCuppa Mugs include a Pantone-like color guide on the inside rim of the mugs – to help you mix your perfect cup of coffee (or tea) just-how-you-like-it.

You can buy these great mugs from one of my favorite online stores, Perpetual Kid.

MyCuppa Mugs are made by Suck UK Design.

On Suck’s website they have the cutest new product – no available yet – the door mouse door stop. Love it!


So simple but fun. Not that I need a door stop… Why does anyone need a door stop?

(photos via Perpetual Kid and Suck UK Design)


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