Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 28, 2009

Our New Bar

Peanut, always one to get in all the photos, is showing off our new bar that we bought at Home Goods last night. Way to go Vanna Peanut. 🙂


Sorry for the lack of quality of the photo. I took it last night with my iPhone and it was pretty dark inside the living room.

(The dark gray blob in the right of the photo is a dog bed. Peanut has taken it over as his bed. It is okay anyhow because Daisy has a blue blanket that she uses as a bed. Together they sleep about a foot apart from each other pretending not to like each other – as we watch TV at night.)

We bought this new piece of furniture to go under the TV in the living room.

As you may recall there was a similar piece that we wanted to buy from Home Goods a couple months ago. Here is a brief summary in case you forgot – plus here is some additional information on our shopping experience from last night.

When we went to buy the similar piece in January, the bald guy working at the Home Goods told us that the price that was marked on the piece wasn’t the actual price. Basically – it went something like this, “That big green price tag that says $249 – yeah ignore it. It is really $299. And you just have to be happy with the higher price. It is human error” The bald guy at Home Goods that night was incredibly rude to us. He had no sympathy. No nothing. A real jerk.

In my opinion, you price something obviously one price – that is the price you should charge. Even if it is at loss to your store. That is just good business.

On a whim, I wrote one of my first Daisy Joe blog entries about the incident.

Writing the entry turned out to be useful because somehow Home Good then found the Daisy Joe blog Home Goods entry, and submitted a comment to me on the blog that I should contact them with more information of the incident.

So I did. I called Home Goods and gave them all the details.

About a month later – late February some time – I received a letter in the mail from Home Goods apologizing for the bald man’s bad behavior and giving me a $25 gift card.

It took me just until last week or so to use the gift card. I was pretty mad. I guess I still am.

But Home Good is a store that I usually like shopping at, and it is near by to home, and to not go there would be a little like cutting off my nose to spite my face. So we returned last week to spend the gift card on things that we didn’t need. I cannot even recall what we bought then. Maybe some sheets.

Now that you are caught up…

Last night, my husband and I stopped by a near by store, Klausner Home Furnishings. I’ll write about that adventure in the next entry. It is a whole other story.

But ANYHOW… after all that, my husband and I decided to go to Home Goods, since it is only a couple stores down from Klausner, and look around.

And soon after getting there we found the wonderful piece of furniture that we now own – the bar with the parrots and palms painted on it.

In size it was almost identical to the similar piece that we wanted previously. But in a ll honesty, this new piece seemed like a better fit for what we needed then the other one in terms of look. This new one is very tropical and a bit less formal. And I’m happy to say that both tags – the big green one and the white one were marked $249. We both really liked the piece.

So then my husband and I were having I guess what you could call a moral issue. Do we buy it? Do we give these bastards are money? Who would we be hurting if we didn’t buy it?

To make it even harder, the same bald guy the same cashier were there. So we had to buy this piece from not just from Home Goods but also the same people! It felt degrading.

In general I have nothing against the cashier. She was doing her job. We think that she would have charged us whatever the bald guy said to charge us. My grudge is against cue-ball who was mean to us. I am still a bit upset about this incident, even when I think about it now. But even so, she was there that night – so it brought some bad memories back.

I’m happy to say though that she was very nice to us and we didn’t even need to talk to cue-ball at all. The bald guy just brought the piece to the front of the store on a cart.

We left the store with our new bar which will act as our new TV table. Of course now TVs are hung on the wall – so this table will probably just hold the remotes and the Playstation.

And to celebrate our new table we put it in place will all the electronics in it – and watched Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I wasn’t crazy about this movie – but just having the Playstation off the floor for good was a pretty great treat.

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