Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 28, 2009

Klausner Scammers

Last night, a near by store, Klausner Home Furnishings, scammed us into coming to a “sale” that they were having.

You see, Klausner had some ads on TV that appeared to claim that they were going out of business. EVERYTHING MUST GO. They created a sense of urgency with their ads. We must get there before they close! Everything is getting sold! Quick quick!

So last night, my husband and I – looking for a piece of furniture to go under the TV in the living room – stopped by Klausner.

As it turns out – those Klausner rat bastards weren’t actually closing. Apparently one of the guys that owns the store is “retiring”. And it is for that reason that they have to get “rid of all the furniture.” What? That doesn’t even make sense.

And then on top of that – even though the ads seems to say things were on sale – well they weren’t really. And if they were – the sales lady that swooped upon us couldn’t tell us what the prices were.

You know furniture at furniture stores – like jewelry and cars – is rarely the price that is marked. So when the sales woman told us that “everything is on sale” but then couldn’t actually give us the prices of things – we were less then impressed.

I said, “How much for that chair that has the big X through the $995 price?”

She said, “Well lets say it is 25% off then it would be ((insert 3/4ths of $995 here)).”

From me, “Okay lady… Well is it 25% off?”

Her, “Well that depends on what fabric you use.”

Me,” What about the fabric that is on it?”

“Well I need to check….”

Me, “Well is everything else in the store 25%?”

Her, “They are all different prices. It depends.”

So you see…. here is a store full of furniture and although everything is marked with a price – with an X through it – all prices are wrong. They set it up so that we NEED to talk to vulture sales lady so that she can figure out a price that we’ll pay.

The whole experience was very troubling.

Without question – after our introduction with vulture lady – we should have just walked out. It all felt very slimy. But… Klausner seemed to have pretty stuff – and we were already there – so just to see what they had we walked around briefly.

And of course the vulture lady followed behind us the whole time. I hate that about furniture stores. Why do furniture sales people do that? Cannot I just look and figure out what I want?

It makes me really glad that the last time I bought a lot of furniture, I did it online. I didn’t have to deal with any of that.

Once we left the store, I felt like I needed to take a shower. It just felt all so unlawful. What a scam. Klausner is one step away from those carpet stores that have a grand opening to then have a grand closing. Maybe they aren’t a step away actually. They may be living in the same hole.



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