Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 24, 2009


Somehow in the internet wanderings yesterday I came across Potcake Place. Potcake Place is a volunteer organization on the Island of Providenciales that rescues stray dogs.

From the site:

Estimates of the stray population on Providenciales, the largest island of the Turks and Caicos chain, range up to 2000 stray dogs. Past governmental responses to the wild dogs have included shooting and poisoning them. A 2001 government proposal would have introduced canine distemper to the islands as a method to reduce the population.


The local stray dogs are called Potcakes. Through generations of breeding, Potcakes have evolved into a unique breed which is said to be smart, loyal and loving. (Not to mention cute. How can you not love this face?)


The volunteers take the strays to the vet, and give them the vaccinations appropriate for their age. They then look after the dogs in their homes until a permanent home can be found.

These dogs are for adoption not just to those in the Providenciales but also to people living in the United States and Canada.

I’m completely in love with these adorable puppies. And what an amazing organization.

Are you looking for a dog? Why not consider a Potcake?

(photos via Potcake Place)

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