Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 12, 2009

Saxton Freymann and Jimmy Zhang

23148599 Through a series of links, I came across some photos of Saxton Freymann and Jimmy Zhang whimsical produce art.

(Isn’t that the way the Internet works? Link on one page to another and then another and then another and the suddenly you are somewhere and you have no idea how you got there?)

The dog on the right of this entry was created by Saxton Freymann. Freymann has many children’s books with photos of his work in them. Just search for Saxton Freymann on Amazon, and you’ll find them easily.

I had seen Freymann’s work before – but I just love this new (new to me but it looks like these images are from last year) photo slide show which includes not only this picture of a broccoli puppy but also darling works from other produce artists.

This beautiful photo is of one of Jimmy Zhang’s pieces.


Check out the full Playing With Food show on The New York Times.

(photo via NY Times)


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