Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 12, 2009

Dan Meth

I do love a good diagram. Here is a diagram showing on popular sitcoms where the kitchens were in relation to the living rooms.


What I love about this diagram, is that for nearly every single one of these sitcoms, I can picture the layout of the houses. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that… 🙂

For the source of this diagram, check out the web site of Dan Meth.

manDan has lots of fun things on his site including some of his sketches. As far as the sketches go, I really like this fun and silly one of a half naked man that Dan was inspired to draw right on the magazine he was reading. I wonder how he did the eyeballs white like that. Was it a Photoshop job later on?

Also for your viewing pleasure, check out the Reddit comments about the kitchen living room diagram. In the comments, a Redditer pointed out something that I hadn’t ever thought about – all of the sitcom houses were 2 level houses.

(via Reddit)

(diagram and sketch via Dan Meth)


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