Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 9, 2009

iPhone Kindle vs. eReader

356622991 I have been reading – since Saturday – Outliners by Malcolm Gladwell. As I expected that I would, I love the book. Everything the author says is very logical and almost so logical that it seems to be purely common sense. But at the same time, it is not – it is greater then that. The book is well written, and I’m making great strides on it.

That being said, unfortunately I’m having trouble with the Kindle reader on the iPhone. This is the first book I am reading on it, and it works a bit differently then eReader.

To navigate to the next page with eReader a simply make one quick tap at the bottom of the epage. To go one epage back, I make one quick tap to the top of the epage. I have gotten used to reading like this – and I enjoy it.

It may sound like I am harping on details – but to navigate to the next page is different with the Kindle for iPhone, and so far after reading with Kindle for the iPhone for two days, I’m having a lot of trouble getting used to it. For the Kindle to get to the next page I need to tap on the right side of the page and then drag my finger over to the middle of the screen. I am guessing that some people like this type of navigation because it mimic the motion of turning a page. But for me it is time consuming and hard to get used to.

And on top of that, it makes the way that I usually hold my iPhone while reading need to change. With ereader, I became a one-hander. I hold the iPhone in my right hand and tap the bottom of the epage with my thumb.

Sadly, I cannot do that with the Kindle. And there is no option to change.

There is also no option to change the font from serif to san-serif – which I would prefer but this isn’t a real big deal.

I created these modified screen shots so that you could see what I am talking about.

This image (that starts with Revere’s route litany of) is from eReader.

This one (that starts with the game. “Ladies and gent-) is from the iPhone Kindle book reader.

The green on the images represent my finger’s action to turn the page.

Yes, I imagine that I may be able to get used to it the modified page turning technique. But for now, it is annoying.

That being said… it won’t keep me from finishing Outliners on it.

BTW, eReader has a number of options for page turning available. The bottom tap page turn is just what I selected. I found that it was easiest for me.

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