Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 6, 2009

Religious Home Schooling Stay-at-Home Moms

Yesterday through my Internet wandering, I came across a number blogs that were written by religious home schooling stay-at-home moms. Not all the blogs that I came across were written by people with ALL of these characteristics. Some were not home-schoolers. Some were not religious. Some were more religious.

This got me thinking quite a bit and asking a lot of questions.

What is about this group of women that has them blog so much? I think it is because they are seeking a sense of community. Maybe they are lonely being at home.

Did the people who originally create the internet, ever think that it would one day be a tool of religious home schooling stay-at-home moms? It is very interesting to me.

It got me thinking too…

Why am I blogging? Am I looking for a community? I’m not religious. I am not a mom so I am not a home schooler. I don’t say at home (knock on wood – I am gainfully employed). What is the point.

What took a surprising long time for me to wrap my head around is… even though I ran into dozens of blogs like this online yesterday- this is just one small group of the people that write blogs.

There are also design blogs and food blogs and tech blogs and political blogs and all sorts of others out there.

Of course… I don’t really fit in any of those above either.

I think for me, it give me a chance to write. I used to write a journal – and for awhile there I was writing a lot of letters – and this is like that for me. I like to write. I like to get out what I am thinking on paper (so to speak).

And it isn’t so much that I want people to read this blog – or reply to it – although I do check the blog stats all the time. I think for me it is just need to write it – to have an outlet of what I thinking. Even if it is just to share something else that I read some one else talk about.


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