Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 6, 2009

Manhattan Madam and Loving Frank

I don’t think that I have mentioned that I finished the Manhattan Madam ebook. It was just okay. I don’t know what I was expecting but I just felt like the woman writing the “book” was a bit pompous about how great and wonderful she was/is. And that was a big turn off for me.

loving_frank_horanBut I did finish the book a bit ago (I forget when) and I moved onto Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.

Loving Frank is a book that is on the
Target Bookmarked
list and everyone I know who has read the book has loved it. They all say – “Just stick with it. You’ll love it at the end.”

Loving Frank is about a woman who leaves her husband and kids and cushy life to be with Frank Llyod Wright. The story is based on what actually happened.

I find myself getting annoyed at the title character, Mamah Borthwick Cheney. Why does she put up with Frank? It could be the skeptic in me but I’m not sure he really wanted to marry her. And what business was it of his to be complaining about his marriage to her early on – when then were working on a house together and not having an affair?

The whole thing reminds me of my cousin and a horrible man that she was dating a few years ago (who she left her husband and kids for). Women can lose their minds sometimes.

I’m not saying that Mamah should have stayed with her husband. She wasn’t happy. Just why does she pick such a no-good man such as Frank? (That being said, I still think Frank was a better choice then the no-good my cousin picked but that is a whole other story.)

I should note however that I think the period details have been very interesting in this book. How an affair/divorce like this would make the papers. And how women didn’t have the right to vote. And didn’t work out of the home – for the most part. And how Mamah was completely villainized – while Frank was just seen as a man not doing right by his family. It is sad and interesting.

I am very close to finishing Loving Frank. Of 1700 some pages – that is iPhone pages – so I don’t know exactly how that translates to a real book – I have about 250 pages left. So I’m real close. I’ll probably finish today.


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