Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 4, 2009

Pet Airways

Cats are pretty self reliant. When I go on holiday, I leave Peanut with food and clean water and one or two clean litter boxes. Usually I have friend come and check on him once or twice and scop the litter while they are there. And although I’m sure Peanut misses us – as we do him – he does fine.

Having Daisy, the dog, has change my husband and I’s travel life. No longer can we be foot loose and fancy free with our traveling. Now we have to think of Daisy for all trips that we plan. The question always comes up – what do we do with Daisy when we travel?

Although leaving her with family or at a kennel are valid options, we really hate those options. We miss her when she is not around and we want her with us.

Finding a hotel or home that will take her when we get to our destination seems easy enough most of the time but the question always comes up – how do we get her to the destination!?

For a car ride somewhere, this is not a big deal. Daisy is – knock on wood – a very good traveler. She looks out the window some but mostly curls up in a ball and sleeps.

And there are hotels who will take pets in any city.

But for a trip on an airline, having a Dog causes all sorts of problems. Now I must admit that we have not flown with Daisy before – but the thought of having our cute little pup in the cargo compartment of a plane just breaks my heart. We would probably buy her a seat on the plane if we could – but from what I can tell – on all the major airlines – that isn’t an option for our girl. Daisy is 23.6 pounds. For the airlines that allow dogs to be in the main cabin, the dogs need to be 18 pounds or less.

So what to do?


Pet Airways will fly your pet to your destination for you in their own pets only airplane. You drop off your pet a couple hours before the flight. You both fly to your destination on your separate airlines. And when you get to your destination airport, you pick up your dog. What a wonderful business idea!


Pet Airways is a new business and has not yet launched. Opening flights are planned to start in the spring or summer of this year. I will keep my ears open as I’d like to hear what the first reviews of this new service are. I’d also like to see some photos of the inside of the planes.

Maybe if Pet Airways does well, other airlines (that are meant for people) will be open to this idea as well. There could be pet flights and non-pet flights. That would be great.

Check out the PA web site for more information about this new business. Good luck Pet Airways!

(photo via Pet Airways)

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