Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 4, 2009

Cell Phone Chips

phoneEmma Schweiger of Janesville Township said she found a phone in a bag of Clancy’s Ripple Potato Chips.  She bought two bags of chips from the local Aldi store Wednesday, she said. That night, she opened one bag and was absent-mindedly grabbing handfuls of chips while reading the newspaper when she felt something hard.

For more information, check out the whole story here or here.

I have so many questions. Like….

Aren’t these chip bags measured by weight? Were there less chips then there should have been in the chip bag? The article says that the woman and her husband noticed (after the fact) that the bag was slightly heavier. How did that extra weight slip through quality control?

Could they track down the guy (or gal) who owned the phone via the SIM card? Maybe some poor cell phone user is looking for it.

Do you think the guy (or gal) knew that he (or she) lost his phone right then? Did he (she) tell his (her) buddies,  “You won’t believe what just happened to my phone. Should I tell some one?” Or did he (she) not even notice till later in the day, “Dude.. what happened to my phone?”

Did the phone destroy the chips that were in the bag? I imagine that the phone is pretty heavy in compared to the chips. Wouldn’t it be a bag of crumbs by the time Emma opened it.

Did Emma eat some of the chips before she discovered the phone? I’m guessing she did since the article says that she was taking handfuls of the chips. Did they taste any different?

What do Clancy chips taste like anyhow? I have not heard of them.

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