Posted by: ashburnreviews | March 2, 2009


There is a lot of snow out there today.

Daisy and I don’t like it. We like the sunshine.

I tried venturing out when my husband did just before 7:00 this morning, but the icy roads got the better of me, and I spun around and off the road and onto the median. 3 kind men seperately stopped and helped to push me back onto the road. I took this as a sign and turned around and went back home.

Had I spun off the road in the other direction, I could have gone into a metal fence and maybe even into the lake. So I recognize the blessing in all of this.

I think Peanut is happy for company other then his dog sister. Snow doesn’t really affect him.

My husbsnd just goto work. An half hour trip took 2 hours. Ugh. Poor guy.

And as for me… I changed into dry pants, turned on the fireplace and made cookies. Yum. Cookies and coffee. Maybe snow isn’t too bad.


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