Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 24, 2009

Tropicana & Pepsi


Tropicana lets their new package designs – the ones that were released in January – go – and returns to a version of their old tried and true straw-in-orange design. I didn’t feel strongly about the Tropicana new look. It seemed odd but you know I just assumed that top notch marketing people usually know what they are talking about.

I did like the new jugs that came along with the new branding. I wonder if they will keep those?

For the whole story, check out the article, Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging

(Scoop via Brand New and NYTimes)

(Orange Juice photo via Tropicana)

What I want to know though is…. Why is it that the new Tropicana design is going away – but the new Pepsi branding – which I personally think looks dumb – is staying? Do people actually like the new Pepsi branding? Does it get them to drink more Pepsi?


You know, I just noticed that the white part of the circle on the Pepsi logo is different sizes/thicknesses depending on the Pepsi product. Hmm…. I wonder why that makes sense in the design world.

BTW… thanks to a link from Reddit a couple weeks ago, whenever I think of the new Pepsi logos, I now think of this funny cartoon image.


(Pepsi bottle photos via Brand New)

(Pepsi cartoon via Blow at Life)


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