Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 23, 2009

Pushing Daisies & Amélie


My husband and I bought the first season of Pushing Daisies on DVD and watched 4 episodes this weekend – and let me tell you – it was great. What a fun original clever TV series.

The main character, Ned, has the ability to bring dead people back to life by touching them. If he touches them again, they die again. If he doesn’t touch them again within a minute, some one else in near proximity dies.

Ned teams up with a PI Emerson to bring dead people back to life for a minute to find out who killed them, so justice can be served and they can collect the reward.

If some one had explained this premises to me, I just would have thought it was just awful or creepy or gruesome. But it isn’t. I mean absolutely the movie deals with death but its frightening or “dark” per say (like CSI or some other crime solver show). It’s enlightening and inspiring and joyful.

The humor in Pushing Daisies is quick and quirky. The sceenery is beautiful and artistic. I am just so pleased that we bought the series.

In looking online today, I see that there is a series two also, but that it doesn’t wrap up the story line. It was canceled. What a shame. I hope season 2 at least comes out on DVD so I can see it as well.

thisamelieThe series reminds me of the movie, Amélie. This is a french film that came out in 2001 about a shy girl (Amélie) who sets about to change the lives of others for the better and make them happy.

Like Pushing Dasies, Amélie is also very colorful and quirky. The trouble some people may have with Amélie is that it isn’t an native-English-speaking film so it is subtitled. I didn’t find that a problem watching the movie but I could see how it would be distracting to others.

Both Pushing Daisies and Amélie are full of fantasy and humor and are just so original.


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