Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 20, 2009

Turkey Hill Green Tea


I am a water drinker usually. While occasionally (once every couple months) I’ll have a soda, water is my go-to beverage.

To fully disclose everything here, I have a cup of coffee every morning too. And a good hot tea warms my soul every once in awhile. So I guess a more accurate thing to say is… For my cold beverage drinking, water is my drink of choice.

But there is one drink that I love to drink. Years ago a friend got me hooked on it. Turkey Hill Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. Not the diet kind. Not the flavored kind. Just regular Turkey Hill Green Tea. Yum.

It is sweet and refreshing. I love it cold. I could drink THGT all the time. And oddly enough, there is never an end to my thirst for it. While I might drink only one or two glasses of water, if I have THGT, I could finish a half gallon of it in one sitting.

I love it.

So why don’t I drink THGT all the time? Well excellent question. The problem with this magical elixir for me is that it completely wakes me up, and gives me a case of the hypers. I don’t know if it is the caffeine or the ginseng or a combination or the two or something else completely… but something about this drink makes me not only crave it, but have this crazy jumpy reaction to it.

So I only get once in a great while. And I try very hard to to spread out the time I drink it over a long period of time. And when I do drink it, I try to stick to the rule of not drinking it after 6:00PM so that I can sleep at night.

This last batch I bought last Friday, and I finished it Yesterday evening. 7 days… not bad. However – I make the mistake of drinking the last two glasses of THGT with dinner. My husband and I went to bed around 10:00 PM. I was up watching TV buzzing with energy till about 12:30 AM.

My husband calls THGT my “crack tea”. I wonder if other people are affected the same way by it?

(photo via Turkey Hill)


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