Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 19, 2009

Manhattan Madam

Last night I finished Beside a Burning Sea. I enjoyed it. It was easy reading. What I liked most about it was the book made it very clear who the bad guy was. I knew right away who to boo and who to cheer on. I also liked how the days were split up into chapters – it was nice to be able to know just how far along I am in the book and the story at all times.

I’m thinking that I am now going to switch to The Manhattan Madam. I downloaded it the other day.

The story is autobiographical – I love those – by Kristin Davis. She owned New York’s most successful prostitution ring, with over $5 million in annual sales and a roster of 10,000 rich, powerful, and famous clients. And this is her “tell all” story.

The book is ONLY available online, so I hope that doesn’t mean it sucks.

The other book that I am thinking about downloading and reading is I’m Down: a memoir by Mishna Wolff….. Well it looks like this book isn’t out yet – Amazon gets it May 26, 2009. I wonder when eReader will get it.

Also a disappointment is that Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell still isn’t out yet for eReader yet. I’m so bummed about that. Malcolm Gladwell also wrote Blink and The Tipping Point. I loved both of those books.


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