Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 18, 2009

Sad face

This is Daisy giving me a sad face because I am ignoring her.

I am mad at her because while I was away at work today, she tore into my Valentine’s Day stocking.

Treats were torn apart and littered the living and dining room floor.

… Without yelling at her – which was all too tempting – about an hour later I was eventually able to forgive. It is hard to be mad at that face. But she must know that eating the stocking isn’t okay. Short of staying home with her all the time, or locking her up in her kennel all day, I wish there was a way we could keep her from doing stuff like that.

Once for a short period of time – when we first got Daisy – my company graciously let me bring Daisy to work with me. I miss those days. She was fun to have around.


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