Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 16, 2009

Valentine’s Day Stockings

My husband and I had a fabulous time creating and filling Valentine’s day stockings.

This excellent idea was a joint effort between my husband and I, but he should get most of the credit. This last December, I mused – wouldn’t it be great if we had stockings year round?

After Christmas when we were talking about Valentone’s Day, he suggested this.

We went to the store and bought discounted Christmas stockings. And to those festive socks we bought and added valentine’s decorations on the stockings. The pre-sticky hearts were definately the best decoration choice. They looked great and were easy to put on.

We had friends over for Valentine’s evening so in addition to making our 2 stockings, we made 2 for our friends.

To attach the stockings to our fireplace, we got a board from Home Depot and we had then cut it to the size of the top of our fireplace. My husband sanded the board down and added 4 nails by which to hang the stockings with.

We needed the board because Christmas hooks made for this don’t hang on our fireplace because of the decrotive lip on top.

The created board turned out to be an excellent solution. By x-mas next year, we will stain it to match the fireplace and use it for our Christmas stockings.

We filled the stockings with Valentine’s candy and toys and as much individual unique things as we could think of. Like our friend likes lip gloss so we put some warming lip gloss in her stocking.

The stockings were a great hit and made a good addition to the evening. I have a good feeling that they will be back next year.


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