Posted by: ashburnreviews | February 16, 2009

Hot Shots Golf

Sometime last year, my husband and I got a Playstston 3. Neither of us is into shooter games – which is mostly what these things are known for – but we wanted a Blue Ray DVD player. Okay I wanted one. And the Playstation comes with a BR DVD player.

Nearly right away we got a few games on disc. My favorite of the bunch is Hot Shots Golf. The game should really be called – hit the button and then hit it again and then hit it a third time. But the game is so cute and filled with such beautiful scenery that it was hard for me not to fall in love with the game.

One of the things I like about the PS3 is that it connects to the Internet – the online PS store and from there I can download for free or cheap – depending on the download – games or add-ons to games.

For example there are new characters to download as well as for Hot Shots new courses.

One game we bought on the store is called PAIN – where you can flog a guy on a giant sling shot high in the air to differnt parts of the city. We have had a lot of fun with that game. It is just so silly.

I also bought a couple of the extra characters (to put on the sling shot).

Another fun game we downloaded is Toy Home – where you race around little cars around the floors and tables of this home. The game is very fun and cutesy.

Well… For the first few months we had the PS3, we played it a ton. And then gradually we lost interest.

Recently I remembered how much fun Hot Shots Golf was – and my husband and I played a round this last weekend. Valentine’s morning. What a treat! Spending QT with my husband watching a beautiful day on the TV. We had great fun.

So today – as I am off of work for President’s Day – I decided to enjoy a round of Hot Shots golf. It turns out they did have a new course to download plus dome add-on packs that included new clothing for the golfers.

I downloaded all that and I am waiting for it to be installed. I downloaded the files from the PS store but I am now trying to get them to the game. I think this involves running the “online” option with on the game. Which I have been trying to do. But for the last while it – the online part – has just wanted to download and install stuff. I hope it is actually all worth it and I get to play soon.

… Hours later everything was installed. The new course is great fun. It features dinosaurs. I finished 24 over par on my first go around. I hope I do better on the next.


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